New me!

A new me, a new perspective, everything FRESH this year. This is my motto. FRESH. A FRESH outlook in all aspects of my life. You know the old saying — you can’t keep doing the same old thing, the same old way, and expect different results. So, FRESH is where I’m at. And in keeping with that, I got my haircut. I got a good 7 or so inches cut off. I went with a shoulder length bob. I’m still getting used to it. I think it should actually be just a tad shorter. I may go back and have Thomas (my awesome hairdresser) trim it up a bit. I’ll post pix once I get a chance to.
My dad has been in the hospital. He got very ill on New Year’s day. He had emergency gall bladder surgery on Tuesday. That type of surgery normally isn’t a huge deal, for a healthy person. But, dad is paralyzed on his left side and has a whole host of health issues so it is a very difficult surgery and recovery for him. Heck, the paralysis made it difficult for him to breathe on his own for a while… it was touch and go and we thought we might even lose him because of it. And he is extremely weak. And he has infections. So with that said, we are hoping that now he is on a better path, slowly getting stronger, and will go to a rehabilitation center for a about a month in order to help his recovery, get stronger and help him to be able to transfer from bed to wheelchair etc.. It’s a long road, but he can do it. He is a fighter, that’s for sure. Poor guy has gone through so much. My heart aches for him. I love my daddy so very much!
On a good note, my desk is done and I am working on setting up the rest of the space in the loft. I am so loving how it is turning out. I’ll post pix as soon as I have it completed.
Also, we listed our house for sale. Bittersweet. We love the house but hate the neighborhood. Many reasons, too many to go into. And the house is so big – with the boys essentially gone, we really don’t need this much space. So officially the house will hit the mls on the 17th. We are purging and getting it ready for showing between now and then. Wish us luck. We really want to get out of here!
Finally, this is a big week for me. Big birthday coming up on Wednesday. I have mixed feelings about it. More to come later.
Thanks for stopping by today! xoxo ~ Amy Tara~


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