First of many…

Along with a FRESH start and a FRESH mindset… a FRESH photo. Our first of 2012. Not the best, granted, but the first one anyway. We went to the beach yesterday only to find that where we wanted to go was closed. So we went to an alternate beach only to find it was super crowded. We tried to find an out of the way place to snap a few pix and by the time we got all set up etc., the sun was fading fast. So, not ideal conditions and so forth… but it is FRESH… the first new one of the year. So I’ll take it!

Jan. 1 photo at Coral Cove beach

Yeah, I messed with it a bit in elements. Just playing.
Today, I am finishing painting my new desk (goodwill find for 20 bucks!) and setting up my shelves. The loft is my January project. I need to get control of the clutter. The desk and shelves are the start. I decided that this year I am working on one room per month. January is loft month. I plan to organize and de-clutter every room of the house by the end of this year. I am going to be ruthless in my assessment of items to keep/toss. My desk is the start… you know, FRESH! Jay snapped this pix of me painting it (it was a dark brown stain, I love white, no, I CRAVE white!)

Painting my desk

So there you have it… a FRESH and productive beginning of 2012.
One more item of mention… Davinie posted a challenge over at Studio Calico. She suggests writing a letter to yourself that you would open and read on the last day of 2012. I plan to do this sometime today. I’m going to focus on my word for 2012 and how I plan or envision that word facilitating my goals and hopes for this year. I will put it in a layout and read it at the end of this year. I feel this will inspire me in several ways, not the least of which will be to help me sift through and actually have a heart-to-heart with myself about what this year will encompass. I challenge you to do the same… write a letter to yourself, today, and read it on 12-31-12.
I hope you have a spectacular January 2nd! Namaste ~ Amy Tara


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