Good riddance 2011!

I am happy to see this year go. Honestly, it started out with lots of good things to look forward to that I wanted to SAVOR (my word for 2011) and I did savor those moments. But overall, 2011 sucked… big time! I am so ready for 2012… a new year filled with new hopes, dreams, possibilities, and adventures. I’m sorry to be a debbie-downer today, but I can’t even tell you how 2011 kicked my butt! Plain and simple, it sucked.
With that said, I do wish my DH a happy anniversary today, I know you and I both feel the same way about 2011 and will be celebrating our day today in a quiet, relaxed, manner. We have had a tough year, we’ve weathered it with a lot of rough edges, tattered and torn. But we’re here today, together, and we will embrace and celebrate what we have overcome this year. I love you. Really, does anything else matter?! Happy anniversary! xoxo
Thanks for stopping by today. I’ll be back tomorrow with a bright, happy, cheerful, fresh and new post! Good things are on their way! ❤
Have a wonderful New Year's Eve!!!


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