Happy Halloween!

We had such a fabulous weekend at Stetson University. It was family and friends weekend there. We spent time with Logan, met his friends, toured the campus, went to a wonderful orchestra concert, and walked around the downtown Deland area. We had dinner on Friday night at a greek restaurant that was absolutely delish! The restaurant is called Santorini’s; visit it if you happen to find yourself in Deland. You won’t be sorry! Nate came on Saturday so that was an added bonus for us! I love being with my boys… can’t get enough of them! We really missed Phillip. My weekend would have been truly complete if he had been able to join us. The campus was absolutely beautiful, as it always is. Here are a few pix from our weekend.

Jamma, Logan, Jogzy, and Jerry

Jerry is Logan’s roommate. Jammal and Jogzy are friends from his dorm and also from the fraternity that Logan joined.

Mom, Logan, and Nate

This photo was taken outside of Logan’s dorm, Gordis Hall. I was so grateful and happy that Nate was able to come for the day, too.

Nate, Jay, Mom, and Logan

On Saturday there was a barbeque outside in the commons area for everyone. There were games set up, like croquet, corn hole, and badminton. Some of the Stetson SGA members dressed in Halloween costumes and handed out candy. It was really nice, even though the weather wasn’t the best. We even had the chance to play corn hole. It was fun!
On Sunday morning we got to the campus fairly early so I had an opportunity to walk around and take photos of the campus. I will post some of those in my next blog update.
All in all, it was a GREAT weekend. After all, nothing matters more than family… so any opportunity to be together is always tops in my book.
Have a wonderful Halloween! Thanks for stopping by. ~Amy Tara~

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