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October is Breast Cancer Awareness month.  And today, October 5, 2009 marks the 20th anniversary of my mother’s passing from this horrid disease.  My loving mother, Phyllis Ann Koeppel.  This is weighing very heavily on my mind.  I’m always a little melancholy around this time of year but today- this year –  is particularly difficult.   She was my age, 47, when she had her first mastectomy.

I can’t believe it’s been 20 years.  I still miss her like crazy.  She was about my age when she was diagnosed and had her first mastectomy.  She fought so hard for five years until she finally succumbed at the age of 52.  I can’t even begin to tell you just how awful it was to watch a young, vibrant, beautiful woman break down bit by bit, bone by bone, as the disease ravaged her body.  You see, when breast cancer metastesizes it goes into the bones.  They become weak and brittle and break one by one.  The breakage causes the releasing of calcium into the bloodstream which takes it to the brain and the person develops something like a dimentia.  My mother was a statuesque 5’8″.  During those last months, she was shorter than me (I’m 5’2″).

My mom was born in the 1930’s.  The second of two daughters.  She grew up in New York City.  Met my dad at a beach on Long Island, got married and moved to upstate New York (Saratoga Springs).  They adopted me, had my sister and life was good.  Mom stayed home with us.  She was involved with various organizations, volunteered and was the quintessential middle class wife/mother.  Here are a few pictures of her throughout her life:

Phyllis as a toddler - 1930's

Phyllis as a toddler - 1930's

Phyllis in college - 1950's

Phyllis in college - 1950's

Phyllis as a young wife/mother late 1960's

Phyllis as a young wife/mother late 1960's

Phyllis at 47 - right before her first mastectomy

Phyllis at 47 - right before her first mastectomy

She was WAY TOO YOUNG TO DIE!!!!  I bet there are very few people out there who have not been touched in some way by this very dreadful disease.  I heard on the news the other day that of all women’s deaths in a given year 25% are attributable to breast cancer?!  That is astounding!

Please help me reach out to people to encourage them to be more aware of and diligent in their own breast health.  The Susan G. Komen foundation is a great resource for information on how and what to do – to promote breast well being and fight against this disease.  Early detection and prevention are the key to fighting breast cancer.  Here is a link to their site:

I’m offering a very generous RAK  in honor of my mother.  You can have a chance to win this fabulous prize package by doing the following:

1.  Do a breast self-exam.  Right now!  Take 5 minutes and follow these instructions:

Breast self exam instructions

Breast self exam instructions

2.  Promise me that you will make an appointment to have a mammogram this month, if you haven’t had one in the last year. 

3.  Remind 3 friends, this week, to check themselves and make their mammogram appointments.

4.  Leave a message in the comments section to this post that you have completed task #1 and you promise to complete tasks #2 &#3.

I will draw a winner on Monday, October 12th.  Here’s what you could win:

RAK - pic1

RAK - pic1

RAK detail 1

RAK detail 1

RAK detail 2

RAK detail 2

RAK detail 3

RAK detail 3

All these goodies completely fill a large priority one rate box.  There is approximately $100 (probably more, I lost count) in value of product here.  Products such as Glimmer Mist (Tattered Angels), Distress Ink, Crackle Paint and Stickles (Tim Holtz), Bling (Basic Grey, Glitz, Creative Cafe), lots of 12×12 paper (Basic Grey, Pink Paislee, Fancy Pants, Creative Cafe, Webster’s Pages, Making Memories & more), Die Cut Papers, Cardstock, Ribbons, Flowers, Chipboard, Letter Stickers, Glitter, Die Cuts, Journaling Cards… the list goes on.  This is chock full of scrappy goodness!!!

So get to spreading the word everyone!  I thank you for taking the time to read this post, participating and taking care of yourself and your loved ones!  We can fight this disease together!  Let’s do it!!!

May your day be blessed with all things loving, kind and good!  Thanks for stopping by!  ~Amy Tara~


93 thoughts on “In Loving Memory & RAK

  1. I always do #1 when I shower. You just never know.

    #2-My doctor says I’m not old enough to worry about that. I just turned 36.

    #3…I’ll tell 3 friends today! 🙂

  2. Thank you for the heartfelt story. I, too, have lost my Mom due to this cancer. I do the exams every morning in the shower. My mammogram is actually scheduled for Friday morning. Well, as long as the flu stays out of my system. 3 of the 4 of us have been sick and I am the last holdout. Again, thank you for sharing your Mom’s memory with us.

  3. Many hugs to you on this sad Anniversary. My Mom, luckily, is a 12 year Breast Cancer Survivor. She is very lucky. I started having yearly mammograms at the age of 32 because my Mom was so young when diagnosed. Your Mom was a beautiful lady, thank you for sharing her story and her pictures.


  4. Thank you for sharing your story !! Your mum was a beautiful woman !! Im thinking of you and sending you big big (((hugs)))

    #1- Do it in the shower every morning, you just never know.
    #2- Doctor saying Im to young (27) which I think is wrong cause there are no age to it !
    #3 Will email some friends right now ….

    Lots of Love xx Tina

  5. Amy – so sorry for your loss. What a beautiful woman she was. And so lucky to have you as a daughter. I’m doing your steps, but please don’t include me in your incredible generous RAK. Your mom is proud of you.

  6. Thank you for the inspiring post, really gets one thinking to be more aware of this terrible disease. Your Mom was very beautiful…

    1. Funny enough I did a self test last week.
    2. I have just booked for my pap smear and mammo too for end October.
    3. Have also reminded my close friends to also get theirs done.

    Thank you for the lovely RAK…pink is so my colour with 2 sweet girls.

  7. WTG for doing this, this is just Wonderful. I try to examine every month, but am going to book my mammo too. Thank you for the pic and instructions on examining correctly, also.
    Hope you find comfort in knowing how many women you help today, and feel you mother would be proud! Hugs, Val. (valalice on 2 peas!)

  8. Gosh, your mom was so beautiful! I’m sure you miss her terribly.

    Thanks for the timely reminders…I do #1 and #2…I really MUST make that appointment soon since I’m over 40 now. #3…I’m on it! 🙂

  9. Your mother was such a beauty, Amy Tara.
    I hate that you lost her to this disease.
    Breast cancer is all over my family so I am diligent about self breast exams.
    This RAK is amazing, look at all of that pink!
    I have my first mammaogram appt later this year and will remind 3 friends to do theirs as well!
    Thanks for posting this, it is overlooked too often.

  10. Big Hug to you, ON this Sad Anniversary, Your Mother is such a Gorgeous Woman, Thank you for sharing your Story, and giving out this important reminder. I have 3 Aunts on my Husbands side, that have been affected by this horrible disease, with one loss. I am always giving myself an exam.
    Just gave one, and sending out emails to as many as I can now. Making my appt. for the end of the Month…

  11. Whew. I’m going to be 47 on Nov.2… and this post just hit me. I printed it off, and went and did it. I do examine my breasts here and there… half-heartedly. But, as I looked at these pictures (she was beautiful), and sitting here missing my own Mom (taken too soon from heart disease, 22 years ago), I am left saddened by this. We’ve come a long way, but we have come nowhere, if we don’t check ourselves. I’ll promise to do 2 & 3… and I’ll go and post on my blog this morning, about this as well. sigh. My sincere condolences on the loss of your Mom… and I commend you for remembering her in such a wonderful way. And hey… what an awesome RAK too! Hugs to you

  12. You are so sweet to do the giveaway, Amy Tara! I am so sorry about your mom, she was a beautiful woman. Big hugs to you. I am due for a mamm. this month and am def. going to follow through and remind everyone I know, and post this on my blog too.

  13. Thinking of you on this sad day. I KNOW your mother is SO proud of you, your courage and your beautiful tribute to her. I enjoyed reading about her and seeing the pictures. She was beautiful! I do #1 frequently, I can’t do #2 yet but get yearly checkups and I think I’ll share this on my blog tomorrow as a simple reminder of how important it is. Thank you for sharing this with us. You are in my thoughts and prayers {{{{HUGS}}}}

  14. Thank you for sharing your mom’s story, and for reminding me how important it is to take care of myself. I did the self exam, and today I am calling to make my appointment for my annual exam (I have had a couple of scary results, always turns out to be okay but I take them really really seriously) and I will remind several friends to schedule theirs also.

  15. What a wonderful heartfelt story and a great way to honor your mother. My mother is currently a 5 year breast cancer survivor this month. I always schedule and have a mammogram during the month of October in honor of her. I always do #1 and I’m very active with the Susan B Komen organization. Thanks for sharing you wonderful story,

  16. What beautiful pictures!! This post really hit close to home as my mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago.

    I just learned how to do self-checks and I will do one today!! I will also have my first mammogram soon (im only 27 but my mom was so young when she was diagnosed that my DR suggested I start early).

    I will post a reminder on my facebook page so I get the word out to more than 3 people.

    Thank you for bringing your mom’s memory to everyones attention, even if just for the moments when readingit.

  17. Thank you for sharing this wonderful story and reminding everyone how truly important it is to do breast self-exams! I am only 27, but I often check myself just to be sure. I have had 2 friends under the age of 30 who have had breast cancer. One had to have a masectomy, the other did not. My great-aunt also had breast cancer and they had to remove both breasts. I have had too many friends affected by this horrible disease!
    I am going to post this info on my blog to remind everyone of the importance!
    Thank you for sharing your mother’s story.

  18. Thank you for sharing your mother’s story. I have done the self-exam, and I promise to do #2 and 3.
    Breast Cancer is common in my family, and I will spread the word to everyone on my facebook to take the time to do an exam. It can save lives!

  19. Amy Tara, your mom is beautiful. I love the photos, thank you for sharing them. Thank you so much for this reminder. I did my self exam. I am going to get the word out, and am working on a blog post right now!!! Lots of love to you today, my friend!!

  20. I posted a comment, but it disappeared??

    Thank you for sharing your mother’s story and I will definitely spread the word to my friends via my blog on the importance of breast self-exams. I am only 27, but I have already had two friends under the age of 30 suffer from breast cancer.
    Thank you for giving us a glimpse into your mother’s life. I appreciate you sharing your story with us.

  21. I’m pregnant right now with my first girl (pink RAK is awesome) so I just had an exam courtesy of my midwife, no mamogram until I’m done nursing though. It’ll be my first and I’m scared, but I will do it. Promise. Thanks for the reminder. I posted a check your boobies message on my moms group board, most are too young for the mamogram yet.
    Beautiful way to memorialize your mom. I’m sorry for your loss.

  22. Wow! Awesome RAK! But I am sorry for your loss and your experience…it’s so sad how many wonderful women have been lost to breast cancer, but it is also amazing how many survivors there are! So I just did the check. I’ve been meaning to make an appointment with the doc anyways…I just wrote it on my to-do list. I will also remind 3 friends this week…I already have the three in mind. 🙂 Take care, and thanks for sharing!

  23. What an awesome tribute to your Mom! I’m left speechless by your story. I did the self examination, sent emails to my friends to remind them to make appointments for their yearly checkup and mamograms and made my own appointment. That is enough of a RAK for me.. I wouldn’t have done that without your reminder. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!

  24. Amy Tara, I want you to again know how very sorry I am that you lost such a beautiful mom to this nasty disease!

    I have done my sef-exam and I plan to reach out to others about the importance of them and mammogram screenings too! Thanks for your wonderful generous RAK… that is so over the top!

  25. I would love to win this wonderful assortment for me but really I’d love it for an event we’re having in Baton Rouge Nov 6-8, 2009. $10 from each registration will go to our local Komen Foundation and this would be another great item for us to raffle or auction off. I’d be happy to pay for shipping as well. Thanks for sharing!

    My dear sister is a 5 yr survivor!

  26. I am so sorry about your Mom!! Your post brought tears to my eyes. So very, very sad.

    I did #1 a couple days ago and #2 earlier this year (and I get my annual mammo every year). I will do #3.

    Thank you so much for these important reminders!!

  27. First of all – your mother was beautiful. I’m so sorry you lost her to breast cancer. Early detection is so important.

    I just did a self exam yesterday.

    I had my appointment in April – yippee! I went from semi-annual to annual. Otherwise, I would have had an appointment this month as well.

    I will definitely remind 3 people.

  28. So sorry about your mom. As a nurse, I hear (ans witness) way too many similarly sad stories. This disease is awful! Thanks for the reminder of steps for self-breast exams (I’m guilty of not being thorough enough at times). I am not old enough for the mammogram yet and I will pass this on to 3 friends. Thanks again for sharing your story and the reminders!

  29. What a beautiful woman your mother was. (My Mom is is a Phyllis from NY too.)

    Thank you for sharing the reminder to take care of ourselves, to be aware of our health. I have passed your blog post onto several friends this morning, completed a self-breast exam, and have already had a mammogram a couple of months ago.

    We can fight this awful disease!

  30. No need for the rak, but everything done as requested. Your mother is beautiful. It is sad. I lost my favorite aunt at the young age of 48. She was so beautiful. I really miss her.

  31. What a beautiful loving tribute to your Mother. My mother died of breast cancer at the age of 58, I was 28. She is gone 32 years and there is not a day that goes by that I don’t miss her. She went exactly like your Mom-breast, bone, brain. It is as you described. Heart-breaking. This is an important post as a reminder to women to take the necessary steps to be sure. I do frequent self-exams and have a yearly mammo. (I’ve even had a scare…turned out to be just dense tissue) Thank you Amy for reminding all women.

  32. Thank you for sharing your story, your mother was a beautiful woman.
    I always check myself in the shower but 2 weeks ago my gut told me to finally get my first mammogram and this Friday I got a call from my doctor that they want me to have an ultrasound done, I am only 36 and have 2 little girls and I scared to death but yet optimistic that all will be fine, so again THANK YOU for being proactive and I will make sure that I post your link on my blog.

  33. Amy Tara, such a beautiful woman your mother was! such a shame that this took her so young!

    I do self checks in the shower every week and have just taught my 12 year old daughter to do the same. It’s time she learned as she is growing up before my eyes.

    My MIL and I are going to get our mammograms together. We are scheduled to get them on November 3rd. I also reminded every woman on my friends list on Facebook which was at least 3!

    I have a dear friend that is a breast cancer survivor of 11 years now. She was diagnosed in her early 30’s as a young mother. I also have a dear friend that lost her young daughter at the tender age of 23 or 24 after being diagnosed at the way to young age of 19.


  34. Oh amy, what a wonderful tribute! You brought tears to my eyes as you described your mother, and my heart goes out to you. No one should have to lose their mama so young 😦 Your mother was a gorgeous woman, and i’m sure she was (and still is) incredibly proud of you! I actually just had an gyn appt last week, so #1 is taken care of 😉 I was told I have one more year until I need my first mammo (i’m 34), but I will definitely spread the reminder to my friends. I posted about your RAK on my blog – I hope you have a ton of visitors so that the word can continue to spread! Many many hugs to you, my friend!

  35. I am so sorry for your loss. I too, lost my mom in 2007. She died from stomach cancer. Any form of cancer sucks. I can say I did all of the above, found a lump and I’m receiving chemo for breast cancer. Talk about a shocker. I’m only 42. It’s going to be a long road, but I’m up for a fight. Luckily, I found it pretty early, and it’s stage 2 although it did move to a lymph node, but they say the chemo will get that.

    So girls, FEEL YOUR BOOBIES. Take care Amy, HUGS.

  36. Did #1, will call and book #2 tomorrow. I was jut at the OB/GYN today for a follow up from a miscariage. #3 emails will be sent in a fe minutes.

    My mom grew up in Saratoga Springs area. Her house use to bourder on 3 sides but the State Park. Her mom died of breast cancer in 1996. It’s a horrible thing for a family to go through. Cancer runs deep in my family, both sides. I lost my dad on Oct 10, 1974 to liver cancer. I was just 4 1/2. You will miss your mom every day of your life. Thank God she was there with you on so many important dates. I always think of my dad on them, wonder what he would say and do.
    God Bless you and thank you for sharing your mom’s story and yours.

  37. Amy- know that you are in my thoughts… Your Mom was a beautiful woman- and MUCH too young to be taken.
    #1 check
    #2 I’ll ask my MD at my phsical this month (she told me I was still too young last year)
    #3- I’ll do it!
    Thanks for the chance at the goodies- what a nice way to celebrate your mom!

  38. Hello Amy Tara
    Your story really touched me and make me cried, I am sory for your loss. I too lost my mother due to cancer (ovarian cancer). I lost her on 31 December 2008 when I was 36 weeks pregnant with my 1st baby. It was so devastating as I am married for 10 years and now only I had the chance to be pregnant and my mother are looking forward to see my baby. But after 12 days my mother passed away on 12 January 2009 I gave birth. I am due on 5 February 2009 but due to stressed I gave birth early. No mother around during my happy days as 1st time mother and only God knows how sad am I at that time even now. My mother suffered from cancer for almost 2 and a half years, 2 major operations was done, more than 20 cycles of chemotherapy and lots of medicines. It is heart wrenching to see she suffered from this. One after another operations and one after another chemo. I was always with her even in the hospital. The hospital is like her 2nd home and every appointment I am the one who will send her to the hospital. Cancer is a common sickness in our family. My aunt is suffering from breast cancer, 2 of my relatives died of breast cancer. My mother’s brother died of lungs cancer and another brother of hers died of kidney cancer. And my mother died of ovarian cancer.
    To prevent this I have done the breast self examination, I did my mammogram last month and a full medical check up, I have reminded 6 and more friends to do so. I have completed task 1, 2 & 3. I hope I could win the RAK please. By the way, your mother is beautiful. Big hugs to you. Love, Yuz

  39. Oh gosh Amy, so very sorry, I can’t imagine how hard it must have been to go through that with her…
    We cant get mammograms here until 45 or something silly, but I do checks even time Im in the shower 🙂


  40. A lovely tribute for your mother. Hugs. Cancer sucks…there is just no way to say it! I hope by spreading the word…to one person at a time…we can change the outcome of this disease.

  41. Your story was very touching and brought tears to my eyes. I am very sorry for your loss and think it is very brave of you to share your story so that others can learn from it. I do self exams weekly. Thank you for sharing your story.

  42. So sorry for the loss of your dear mother. I did my breast exam! And I promise to do #3 (too young for #2). What an awesome incentive to get women to take care of their breasts!

  43. What a lovely tribute to your lovely mother. It looks like a lovely giveaway too. Unfortunately I have known a number of women who have been affected with breast cancer, so I regularly do #1, 2 and 3.

  44. I was really touched by the story about your mother, she was a beautiful lady. My friend (6 year breast cancer survivor) and I are having a scrapbooking day at my house where we are furnishing supplies and lunch, etc. and donating the $15.00 fee to Susan G. Komen. As women we believe that getting the word out is what is saving more and more lives.

  45. I am sorry about the loss of your mother. We recently encountered a family who the wife died a few weeks ago. She gave birth to her first daughter and died 2 weeks later from this disease. She was 28 years old…very sad!

    I recently had an exam done and I made my friend go get hers done. I have another friend that I am hounding. We are all in our 20’s but you are not too young to be affected.

    On a positive my aunt is a breast cancer survivor!!!

  46. ooooo Amy.. I’m so sorry for this sad story!! It’s so hard losing your mom!!

    here in the Netherlands you can get a mammo at the age of 50 😦
    or when you felt something wrong in your breast of course…

    #1 I really does every day when I take a shower!!

    thanks for this reminder and for the opportunity to win this gorgeous RAK!!


  47. No need to enter me into your drawing but I just wanted to one….send you virtual (((hugs))) and two tell you that your post really touched me. Your mother was a beautiful woman. I have never been witness to this particular cancer and I can’t begin to imagine the devastation it has. I pray that I never will. Thank you for your reminder to take keep up with examinations and such.

  48. What beautiful pictures of your mom and what a great way to honor her.
    1. Do breast exam in shower.
    2. I had a mammogram in July.
    3. I will remind 3 friends.

  49. I’m so sorry you lost your lovely mother so soon. I do my exams every other day or so in the shower. I haven’t had a mammogram yet as I just turned 33 yesterday but it’s on my list of stuff I ask my doc about every appointment. One of my online friends just started treatment for breast cancer and so I’ve been busily reminding people for the last few days to check themselves.

  50. You are in my thoughts. I , too, lost my mother to this terrible disease 5 years ago.. She lived with it off and on for over 20 years…
    I am only 38 but have been having annual mammograms since 35.. I have them routinely scheduled at my well woman check so I don’t forget!
    I do check myself as I also have my doctors and husband do as well.
    I need to get better at reminding my girlfriends to check and get appointments.. you have inspired me to make a list and get in touch to remind them to do it!
    Thanks so much for doing this… Your mother was a beautiful life. I m sorry for your loss

  51. My heart goes out to you! My mother at the age of 72 went through breast cancer, she is 77 now but has never been the same since. It takes such a devestating toll on all lives that are affected by this horrendous disease! I commend you greatly for posting this on your blog during the month of October to help bring even more awareness!! God Bless!! Please ladies do your exams on a regular basis!

  52. I love those photos of your mom. So sorry she is gone. I do a monthly breast exam. Had a mammogram, my first, last month, and it was all clear. A playgroup mom has brast cancer (as of August) and all the girls from the group got mammograms. Promise to tell my frineds.

  53. i am sure everyday without her is a difficult one, i can’t imagine that loss and i think what you are doing is amazing! i am too young to go yet, but will never miss one. thanks for sharing that story she, was beautiful!

  54. Beautiful pics of your mom , Amy ! such a lovely gesture to give away this beautiful RAK in memory of your mom !

    Our thoughts & prayers are with you .

  55. Thank you for sharing your story. Two years ago this November a routine mammogram showed an abnormality in my right breast which had to be surgically removed. I thank God everyday that it was not cancer. When that happened to me I shared with my best friend, who is only 26 years old, the importance of self examiination. She examined her breasts and discovered a lump. Unfortunately her’s was cancer. She underwent chemotherapy, radiation and a mastectomy. I am happy to announce that she is now cancer free. I totally understand the importance of self examination and the importance of encouraging your friends to do the same. I did a self examination two weeks ago, had a mammogram on September 14th and you can bet your sweetness that I remind my friends to self exam. Your Mom was a very beautiful woman. Thank you for such a wonderful post. Heidi

  56. Thank you for the story about your mom! I don’t there are any of us who haven’t been touched by this disease! For me, 30 years ago my cousin went in for a routine surgery and came out with breast cancer. She has survived for the 30 years, but impression left on me has made sure I do a self-breat exam every month! My papsmear and mammo will be in January! Again thanks for drawing attention to this!

  57. Thank you for your kind words on my blog and thank you for posting the instructions, I have done many an exam, but know so many other women who have never taken the time to do a proper examination. Wishing best health for all of us~

  58. What a stunningly beautiful woman your mother was, Amy Tara! I know what a terrible thing this has been for you to bear. I wish I could give you a big hug right now.
    It is frightening how many women are affected by this disease. I myself have had about 8 biopsies so far. Knock on wood, everything has turned out well, although I have more lumps still to deal with. So needless to say, I have regular mammograms and see my surgeon frequently. I can’t stress the importance of this to everyone enough! Thanks for sharing this message, and you are incredibly generous for offering this wonderful prize. If you can get just one person to go through all your steps, you have done one amazing job!

  59. Its 6 am and I have just read your blog! I am in my kitchen doing my self exam in front of my glass oven with tears running down my cheeks! Had a mammogram 3 months ago but should get into the habit of checking! Have 3 daughters who I will remind & remind as only a mother can! Yr mom was really beautiful and you are very lucky to have wonderful memories of her! Treasure them forever! My mom abandoned her childen when I was eight so I have no memories of a beautiful relationship with my mom! Go well and treasure those memories!!!!

  60. Oh AMY what a BEAUTIFUL tribute to ur mother. She is VERY Beautiful and ur words really touched me greatly. I too have struggled with Breast Cancer and have had 2 removal surgeries for masses. I have been blessed to not have cancer but I go every year for my exams.I luv that ur encouraging women to be pro active. It is so important to detect early.Ur gift here way surpasses the gorgeous pink RAK u have put together! Hugs

  61. Wow! Tears in my eyes from this. Thank you for your generosity. You don’t have to include me in the drawing, but I am going to try to post this on my blog if you don’t mind and refer my readers here. I never do that, but this is a cause that I truly believe in as well.

    Blessings to you and your family!

  62. Thanks for sharing your story! Your mom is gorgeous! My husband lost his mom to breast cancer when he was 18 (she was in her late thirties) so he can relate to you. Every holiday and birthdays are hard. It does not get easier with time. The RAK’s are great!

  63. Thank you for reminding women how important it is to do self exams. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer 2 years ago, she had a lumpectomy and radiation treatment, and is cancer free. Her cancer was not detectable through self exam, so also remind all the ladies out there to get their yearly mammogram. I’m 34, and have already started to get mine as a baseline. You’re in my thoughts during this month.

  64. What beautiful photos and a wonderful tribute to your Mother. I’m so sorry for your pain. I can’t even imagine! You are so good to remind everyone to watch and check themselves. I’m a bit too young yet for the mammogram but I will spread the word. No need to enter me in the RAK. I was the lucky winner of your very generous RAK last year around this time.

    Hugs to you!!

  65. Your mom was beautiful. As was mine who died from a different cancer at the young age of 42. Your post is so caring and lovely,…the prize is incredible!

    I have now completed the first requirement, and promise to do the rest,…I actually recently received my reminder for the mammogram…..put it on my calendar to call to schedule on Monday.

    Thanks for being such an advocate for the cause.

  66. Hi,
    I found you through Dani’s blog.
    You mother’s photos are beautiful! I’ve know several people with this disease.
    for me:
    I regulary check for lumps in my breast, especially since I was diagnosed with a carcinoid neuroendocrine colon tumor last year.
    I just got a prescription to get my 1st mammogram and scheduled it…coming up soon.
    I will remind all my family and friends to get in the habit of checking their breasts.
    Your story warms my heart!

  67. I loved your tribute, it is so beautiful. I always have a mammo and tell everyone I know to please schedule one. It is so important for early detection.

  68. I haven’t had any breast cancer in my family yet but I still take all the precautions as if I did. I have my yearly mammograms, do my own checks as well as yearly physicals.I was just talking about this last week at work. Just because noone in my family has had breast cancer doesn’t mean I never will. Think about it, it has to start somewhere. Pass it on, ms.cheryl

  69. Your story rang so close to home – I too lost my mother from breast cancer when she was 52 – her battle was a little longer – she was diagnosed at 39 – oh so long ago. I have done my self exam – reminded 3 friends to have mamo’s and am scheduling mine on Monday –

  70. What a wonderful wonderful tribute. #1 and #3 are done and I am working on #3. You are wonderful for encouraging others to be more aware of their bodies and the importance of breast health!

  71. May God be with you….It’s so hard to lose your Mother, especially is such a horrible way. I do #1 periodically throughout the year. October is my mammogram appointment month…my appointment is next week. I have already reminded, at least, three people!

  72. I was so touched to see your blog post. What a beauitful woman. I have completed #1 and I promise to complete #2 and #3. You are awesome to encourage others to join the cause!

  73. Thank you for the reminder. I’m sorry to say that the past two years I have spent doing everything for everyone around me and doing fun things like building a house. But I let my own wellness check up lapse. I’ve written down to make my appt monday morning. I’ve done a self exam. I promise to remind at least 3 friends.

    Thanks for the reminder.

  74. Your post was so moving and inspirational. Your mother was absolutely gorgeous! Thank you for sharing her story.
    1) I did this!
    2) I’m only 23…no need for a mammogram yet.
    3) I just emailed all of my women family/friends!! 🙂

  75. I am not so good at doing #1 but I did it today!
    I just had an overdue mammogram this week! I will send emails to all
    my female family and friends to remind them to do the same! THANK YOU!!

  76. I am so sorry about your Mum. I know she would be proud of you! Thanx for the reminders. I have done #1 this month and I just got my reminder in the mail for this years mammogram. I need to make that appt. I’m posting a link to your blog at so all my scrapping girlfriends will get the reminder too.

  77. I am touched by your loving story about your Mom. She was so beautiful and so young. My favorite aunt went through exactly the same things as your mother-first the breast, next the bones, and finally the brain. Thank you for your reminders-I’ll send them a long to my daughter and all of my friends. Keep smiling-we’ll conquer Breast Cancer sometime very soon!!

  78. I am so sorry to hear about your loss. My maternal grandmother also died of breast cancer. I was 40 when I was first diagnosed wit breast cancer. A lumpectomy followed by radiation and they told me I was cured. It crushed me to the soul when I found out in 1997 that it was back. I had children who were 14 and 9! I was sure I was going to die. I had a mastectomy and so far have been cancer free for 12 years. I make certain that I do self exams on a regular basis. Getting a mammogram saved my life – both times. The lumps were too small to feel. I tell every woman I know to get a mammogram. It is not difficult or painful. And, even if it is — it can save your life!

    Thank you for a chance to win.


  79. I lost my father to cancer when I was 10,although it was not breast cancer it is still another form of the horrid disease, my mother also had uteral cancer when she was pregnant with me. They told her that I would never make it and the she would be better off to terminate the pregnancy, she was 35 at the time. She is now 67 and I am 31. What do you know I did make it! I thank God every day for the choice she made and for not giving up!! God is good!! So with the history of cancer in my family, I try to do number one often, and I do make a promise for number 2 and 3. I think that it is great what you are doing in honor of your mother, she would be proud. My heart hurts for your loss and I pray that they find a cure soon, there are way too many young women dying from this.

    May God bless you in every way!!
    hugs and blessings,

  80. Pingback: Breast Cancer Awareness RAK Winner! « Catching Happiness… one scrap at a time!

  81. Your mom was TOO YOUNG! There are a lot of women who are too young! I have done the breast self-exam togheter with my sister, sister in law and a friend. And I promiseto complete tasks #3.

    Thank you!!!

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