I love Mondays!  Even if I don’t get called in to sub.  I’ve always got a million things that need to be done on Monday, not the least of which is hauling out the garbage can.  Gross.  It’s my very least favorite job.

Over the weekend I did a little “window” shopping for my Thanksgiving stuff.  I always do Thanksgiving and I look forward to it every year.  It is by far my absolute favorite ever holiday!  I go all out.  I make all kinds of cards, gifts, decorations, table settings… you name it!  and of course, the food.  My boys know that no matter what, they are expected home (required to be home) for Thanksgiving.  Even (especially) when they get married/families etc.  Their wives will be required to sign a waiver for Thanksgiving holiday rights if they want to marry my son!  LOL!  I’m serious!  LOL!

I’ll share a layout I did using some Webster’s Pages Nature’s Storybook collection.  I must admit, this is my all time favorite ever scrapbook paper!  EVER!  I can’t get enough of it!  And the photo in this layout is my all time ever favorite photo of my boys all together.  I just LOVE this photo.  It is from 1999… so my boys were 12, 9, and 7.  Where oh where has the time gone???? I soooo miss when they were little.  I adore them now, too!  So here is the layout:

Band of Brothers

Band of Brothers

One more thing… last Tuesday I posted my first tutorial on the Embellish IT! blog.  Take a peek and let me know what you think!  I’m open for suggestions for more tutorials.  What would you like to learn?  I’m going to be posting part 2 tomorrow.  Embellish IT! blog here:

Thanks for stopping by!  I hope you have a marvelous Monday!  ~Amy Tara~

14 thoughts on “Monday!

  1. beautiful lo. love all the textures!!!! and the pic – yummy!!! my dh’s fam is the same way about thanksgiving! i love it and i’m totally bummed not to be able to go this year.

  2. Sweetest photo ever and that LO is gorgeous! I dont know how you do it, but you make those feminine Websters papers look absolutely perfect on a boy only brother layout. LOVE it.

  3. Oh, Wow! Is that ever gorgeous, Amy Tara! I love the soft quality of the papers with the texture of the burlap. And to think I haven’t even touched this line yet. Yikes! But you are completely inspiring me, my friend!

  4. Amy Tara,

    I don’t think I have told you but as a child Amy was my favorite name. When my first son was born he would have been a Tara if he had been a girl.
    My first niece was named Taryn so that name went out the door. Then I had my second son… well you get the picture.

    Love your photo of your boys. I had 2 sons 18 months apart and I adore boy page. I have been working on photos of my nephews with the new Nature collection.

    Off to check our Embellish it, I love the inspiration over there. So glad i was able to meet you when Lucy and I were at the CHA booth. Hope to see you again.

    I love your page and your work you have such creative ideas. Take care!!- Gayle

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