Awhile back I was asked to complete a page for (July 2009 issue) that was centered around evocative, descriptive journaling.  I immediately knew that I would be creating a page about Guatemala.  I chose three photos that truly represented to me the things I saw and I just wrote from the heart, editing later.  I incorporated my title in the upper third of my journaling.  Here is the layout (followed by the journaling).

The Wonder of it All

The Wonder of it All


Journaling reads:

I love to travel. I must have gypsy blood in me. I’ve experienced incredible places from the awe-inspiring reefs in our vast seas to majestic mountaintops where you feel you can almost “touch” god. I’ve been humbled by {TITLE – The Wonder of it All}However, no place has touched me more deeply than the little central american country of Guatemala. I actually cried when we left. I was caught off guard by the visual and sensual experience of Guatemala’s uncomplicated, raw, natural beauty.We traveled up the Rio Dulce river. The warm sticky air went virtually unnoticed because it just seemed to “fit” the environment. The water was green and glass-like. It reflected the lush tropical foliage surrounding it, filling me with a sense of it’s richness. The water was pure and clean. The air smelled fresh and sweet. There was no pollution… how could there be with no electricity, roads or modern conveniences.. This was a step back in time. Large trees with their thick satiny leaves and palm trees with their prickly fronds lined the waterway providing the perfect textural backdrop for the warmth of the rustic homes dotted along the river’s edge. Imagine walking out your front door in the morning to a floating bed of sculptural fragrant lily pads. This was really quite breathtaking.As poor as this country is, there is no hunger. The river and vegetation supply an abundance of good healthy fresh food daily. Fishing and gathering native fruits and veggies provide plenty for all. Transportation along the river is found in the hand-hewn log canoes residents create. Even the children canoe to their make-shift schools. Most homes are huts with a thatched roof although a few (and the schools) have metal sheeting. Cooking is done by campfire or a small open flame pit in the home. No bathrooms or telephones, no computers or lights, everything is still quite primitive.  Every single person we met smiled from ear to ear. There was a genuineness about them. They were as warm, friendly and inviting as their surroundings. They were generous to a fault.  In the simplicity and richness of Guatemala I found beauty and warmth and compassion for the land and it’s people that I had not felt before. I can’t wait to go back!

Have a happy Monday!  Thanks for stopping by!  ~Amy Tara~

6 thoughts on “Journaling

  1. amazing layout and beautiful journaling amy! thx for the fab inspo & have a wonderful monday! 🙂 smiles, m-

  2. AMAZING journaling.. love it when others journal so passionately and tell the story of the LO … in my opinion .. it completes it ..

    awesome page as well ..

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