Tuesdays ramblings

I went to drive Logan to the bus stop this morning and couldn’t get Phillip’s car to start.  Don’t know what’s wrong with it.  So Phillip took my car to school and drove Logan also, since by the time I got my car out of the driveway (P’s was blocking mine) it was too late to get Logan to the bus stop.  Now, I’m sure you’re wondering, why doesn’t Phillip just drive Logan to school every day.  Well there are several reasons, but the primary one is that, for Logan, the bus ride is a socializing event.  Logan is most certainly the social butterfly of the family!   Now, what the heck is wrong with Phillip’s car? 

If you’re not busy this morning at 9am or tonight at 9pm come by the Webster’s Pages Inspire Me site and participate in the live chat.  I’m sure that Terri and Brandin have some fun stuff in store for us.  You can find the link to the Inspire Me site on sidebar.  I’ll be there this morning since I have to attend parent night at driver ed tonight with Logan… not looking forward to driver’s ed!

Do you like to shop for clothing/makeup/girly stuff?  I’m so NOT a shopper.  I hate going to the stores.  But I desperately need a little wardrobe help so I think I might need to venture out into the world of the unknown (to me).  Got any favorite places to shop?  Hook me up!  I must admit, I do love Lilly Pulitzer clothing but it’s so wicked expensive and I would have to go to Bloomingdales to find it.  Not sure I want to go to THAT mall.  I prefer to stick to the stores closer to home.  How about online?  Got any online store faves?  I’m seeking recommendations.

I’ll leave you with a little fun layout.  A few years ago Logan decided he wanted to dress up as a girl for halloween.  Everytime I see this pix I totally crack up.  He wore my clothing and shoes and I did his hair and makeup for him.  Phillip, as usual, wanted to be some kind of ghoul.  Anything to mess up your hair and put on “scary” looking makeup.  It’s a boy thing!  For this layout I used mostly Basic Grey Ambrosia products.  I think Ambrosia is one of my all time favorite BG collections.  I used lots of ink and distressing.  My journaling is on the back because I had a lot to write about and didn’t want to clutter the front of the layout with it. 

Halloween 2006, Logan and Phillip

Halloween 2006, Logan and Phillip

I hope you have a super wonderful day.  And don’t forget, if you have time, come by INSPIRE ME for the live chat!  ~Amy Tara~

5 thoughts on “Tuesdays ramblings

  1. what a cool layout, Amy Tara! You do wonders with BG! As far as shopping goes, I am sort of liking Kohl’s lately…do you have one of those? They have good sales!

  2. Oh, that layout is a riot. I thought he WAS a girl until I read what you wrote. Love how you used the BG! As for shopping, I’m a big Kohl’s fan, too. TJ Max and Marshalls are good, too, if you root through the racks. BTW< I got your gorgeous card yesterday. Thanks!! It’s going to be displayed in my scraproom. 😉

  3. amazing layout girl 😀

    i am also a big khols fan and i also {heart} target!! happy shopping! 🙂 smiles, m-

  4. oh man!! I totally love that layout Amy Tara! He makes such a pretty girl and could totally pass as one in drag!!! LOL — and I’m not much of a shopper either but I do love the store Cato. If you have a super wal-mart next to you they are usually right next door. They are reasonably priced and have really nice clothes. It kinda reminds me of a Dress Barn without the prices!

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