Sweet 16!!!

My baby is sweet 16 today!  (is “sweet 16” cool for a boy too?)  I can’t believe it… really!  I don’t know where the time has gone.  He was the most precious little baby, so easy going and unfussy.  He is definitely the spoiled one in the family… I guess that’s a youngest child thing.  He needs a staff of 12 to get him through the day (just kidding!  LOL! I’m his only staff!  LOL!)  It’s his Logan-ism.  We laugh about it at home cause it’s just too cute/funny.  He’s a really sweet boy.  He is Jay’s mini-me in so many ways.  He’s definitely got that Taurus the bull stubborn streak in him – which on the flip/good side is really tenaciousness (is that a word?).  Logan is a brilliant student, accomplished musician, compassionate, still-cuddly – all around GREAT kid.  I love the little booger to pieces.  He still calls me “Honey” instead of mommy.  It melts my heart every time… still!  Happy Birthday my sweet (not-so-little) man.  I love you bunches and bunches!

Logan at 16 years old

Logan at 16 years old


In honor of Logan’s birthday I’m offering a nice little RAK of things he picked out.  There are several packs of rubons and some other miscellaneous stuff.  So leave Logan a happy birthday wish in the comments section and he’ll draw the winning name on Sunday afternoon after we have his party. 

One more little item of interest… go to Embellish It! (link in sidebar).  Shelby is having a HUGE sale… lots of GREAT stuff at INCREDIBLE PRICES!!!  Be sure to check it out!

I hope your day is fantabulous!  ~Amy Tara~

17 thoughts on “Sweet 16!!!

    hope that you have a totally fab & exciting b-day today! 🙂 smiles, m-

  2. Happy Birthday Logan! How sweet that he calls you “Honey” — that is what my kids called my Mom instead of Grandma. *Hugs* to you AmyTara

  3. Happy Birthday Logan!
    If you’re half as amazing as your momma, you are amazing! I think the world of your mom! 🙂 Have a wonderful, fun, special day!!

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