A heritage page

Awhile back I found some photos from my childhood of me riding my horse Bullet.  I was so excited to find that I had written on the back of one of the photos “Blite and Amy”  Blite meaning Bullet… spelling for a 6-1/2 year old!  SO I scanned the handwritten part and used it as the title of my page.  Seriously, I don’t get too overly excited about my own pages but I have to admit I do really love this one… probably because it is such a wonderful memory of mine from childhood, more than the creative part of the page. (I hope that makes sense…LOL)  I LOVE texture and dimension on my pages so I used some hemp and burlap with the wonderful Pink Paislee products.   If you haven’t tried the new PP lines you really must.  I am really becoming a huge PP fan.

Blite and Amy

Blite and Amy

And now some close ups of the details and journaling.




Love that horseshoe charm!

Love that horseshoe charm!


Burlap and stitching

Burlap and stitching

Thanks for indulging me on this one.  😉

Did you watch AI last night.  Did anyone knock your socks off.  I am such a total Adam Lambert fan that none of the other contestants do anything for me.  I can’t believe I am actually really watching this show… addicted even, maybe.  I can’t wait til Tuesdays so I can watch Adam… its CRAZY!  I am so not a TV person… I just shake my head in bewilderment at myself!  LOL  I even vote for the guy!  Sheesh!  Jay and I are planning on going to the Idol concert… just because of Adam.  I’ve downloaded every single one of his performances AND the studio versions.  I just sit here and shake my head and laugh at myself.  This is sooo NOT me…. but it IS!  OY OY OY!

Have a great day all!  ~Amy Tara~

6 thoughts on “A heritage page

  1. Wow!!! Amy Tara this is spectacular!! I love everything about it. The photos are just priceless as is your writing. Amazing page.

  2. Oh girl I’m a MAJOR Adam fan too! This layout is just fabulous! Loving every single inch of it! Such great detail!

  3. Wow!! This is fabulous, Amy Tara!! Love the tag with your childhood writing!! Your details are so perfect – I could just look and look!

    btw-I love AI, too – Go, Adam!! 😉

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