It’s pouring!

Woke up to a downpour.  Not fun.  I gave Phillip the “drive extra careful” lecture about six times before the boys left for school.  When I opened the front door Sammy was sitting on the porch watching the rain.  Someone left the gate open yesterday, apparently.  Must have been the lawn maintenance guy or the ATT guy.  Not sure.  Good thing it was pouring and thundering or the dog surely would have been miles away rolling in mud puddles (his usual escape M.O.)  This, after a weekend of yucky stuff.  Jay’s car was robbed during the night Friday.  They took some change, phone charger, Ipod, Sunpass, etc.  Yes, the stuff costs money but it is only stuff.  The violation of someone being on our property in the middle of the night going through our cars totally creeps me out.  The police said there has been a huge increase in these types of incidents in the past few months.  Oh great, something else to worry about.  I’m just glad we got an alarm system for the house so at least I feel somewhat protected.  AND to make matters worse, for two days we didn’t have phone/tv/internet.  ATT is doing some newfangled fiber optics nonsense in our neighborhood and that meant we had no service while they worked.  I had no idea they even worked on Sundays.  It totally sucked.  I missed a deadline for a project because I couldn’t email it.  The good news is, supposedly this new system will be much better/faster/cooler/cheaper than anything we’ve had in the past.  We shall see.

On a good note, my friend Shelby had her baby boy.  Crew Peyton.  Isn’t that a sweet name.  SO unique.  I love it.  I saw pix on her blog.  She looks great and the baby is so adorable.  What a beautiful family!  Shelby owns the BEST on-line store for scrappy stuff.  They offer the best, fastest and most comprehensive customer service.  AND they get the Basic Grey products first, before any other store.  (now I only need to convince Shelby that she NEEDS to carry Webster’s Pages!)  You will see Embellish It! on the side bar.  Click on it and go for a visit.  You will love it there!

I’m totally loving the new Pink Paislee collections and Webster’s Pages collections(WP is my very fave).  One of these days I will share those projects with you.  And I can’t wait for the new Collage Press (especially Knave of Hearts)  and October Afternoon (especially travel) collections.  What are you excited about?

I’ll leave you with a layout I did a few weeks ago.  I used Graphic 45 papers for this and other random stuff.  See those wood-tone letters.  Pink Paislee.  One of my new FAVE products.  I love the wood look and the size and the font.  Aren’t they cool!  I inked the edges and coated them with Diamond Glaze so they have some dimension.  I LOVE DG.  I use it on almost every layout.

Apples & Honey for a Sweet New Year

Apples & Honey for a Sweet New Year

So I guess that’s it for today.  I hope your day is filled with all things happy and fun!

~Amy Tara~

6 thoughts on “It’s pouring!

  1. So sorry to hear about your car. That happened to me not long ago. And you’re right, it totally creeped me out that these ‘people’ are roaming around at night. I adore your layout! Such a cool topic. It’s beautiful. And yes, Pink Paislee and Websters are 2 of my favorite releases, too!!

  2. Absolutely gorgeous page! I was so excited the other day to buy Somerset and see your page in the last post. It is truly beautiful!

    I hate the feeling of not being safe – it is a big part of the reason we live where we do (one of the lowest crime rates in country). I hope the alarm system in the house gives you some peace of mind. If you are still feeling uneasy, think about a sign that says you have a guard dog on the outside of the fence – I’ve heard many time that it deters people.

    I think we have identical tastes in scrap stuff so I love the same things as you! Take care!

  3. So sorry to hear about the break in of your car! That would totally freak me out!
    I just recently came across Embellish! It looks like a wonderful place to shop!
    And I am in awe of that LO! Every little detail is just absolutely gorgeous!!!!

  4. I am SO SO Sorry to hear about your hubby’s car Amy Tara! That’s AWFUL!!!!!!!! That happened to us not that long ago and I know how creepy and not safe you’re feeling. I’m so sorry girl…HUGS to you.

    I had to comment about your gorgeous layout. You have a style that I just love. I wish I could come sit and watch you scrap. You are an amazing girl! 😀

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