Looking forward to Monday!

I’m so excited!  Tomorrow I get to substitute at my favorite little school for my favorite little second grade class!  These kids are so adorable and so well behaved.  I always look forward to working with them!  I ran out to the store to buy some lollipops to give them at the end of the day… for doing a great job.  I always bring little treats with me but I try to get something a little extra special for this class.  Their favorite – charms blowpops… the ones with the gum inside.

Nothing to share on the creative side today.  Sorry.  Too windy to take pix today.  And yes, I actually did finish two layouts this weekend and one still on the work surface.  I got some cute pix with the boys while Nathaniel was home last week so that gave me a little incentive to actually do something!  LOL!  Hopefully I can get photos when I get home tomorrow.

Hope your Monday is as awesome as mine is sure to be!  Laters….

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