Boys, 21, and Scraps

Nathaniel came home from college for spring break yesterday.  He brought his girlfriend, Deena, home with him.  We celebrated Deena’s 21st birthday last night with dinner, cake and gifts.  She’s a sweetie… we adore her.   Nathaniel still has his uber long hair and big bushy beard.  Mountain man like, I suppose.  I.will.not.say.anything.about.the.way.he.looks!  At least that’s what I keep telling myself.  We’re going to do a little photo shoot later on so I’ll have some pix to share tomorrow… then you’ll see what I mean.  My mouth is zipped.

I have a few random chaos layouts to catch up with.  I haven’t really been doing much creatively lately.  Haven’t felt in the mood.  I’m so nervous about this economy and haven’t been getting much substitute work lately.  It’s FCAT time of year and teachers don’t take days off unless they are almost dying, KWIM?  So I worry.  Jay is still not working full time.  He gets about 22-28 hours a week, depending on the jobs his boss lines up.  It’s money, but not enough.  I keep thinking something will give eventually… either I’ll {finally} get a full-time teaching gig or something… until then, I worry.

Random Chaos 48 – use orange, yellow and green.  This layout shows Logan at his birthday party last year, with his friends Carlos and Kelsey.  I used mostly some older Scenic Route product:

Random Chaos #48

Random Chaos #48

And this is Random Chaos #49.  We had to use polka dots, a large journaling spot, and at least three photos.  This is my dad, me and Logan.  Product is mostly My Minds Eye.

Random Chaos #49

Random Chaos #49

We just found out yesterday that Phillip’s best friend, Billy, is having brain surgery tomorrow.  Phillip and Billy were born on the same day (3/16/91).  They have been best friends for years and years.  Billy has a brain tumor.  Phillip is beside himself with worry over his friend… we all are.  If you’re a praying kind of person please say a prayer for Billy.  If not, please send positive energy and good healthy thoughts his way.  REminds us once again how precious and fragile life is.  One minute you’re happy go lucky, and the next- bam- zonked with something like this.  Kiss and hug your kids… and your significant other… like crazy today.  Life is fragile.

10 thoughts on “Boys, 21, and Scraps

  1. Your layouts are awesome Amy Tara!! LOVE the one with all the Scenic Route yummies!! Makes me long for summer!!

    I’ll be prayin’ for Billy…so tough.


  2. I will certainly keep Billy in my prayers…
    LOVE both of your layouts. So many wonderful details!

  3. This economy is getting soo outta hand… I hope that things will start looking up for you real soon, my friend! I think there are so many of us that are starting to panic.

    Very sorry about Billy, and yes, I will say a prayer. It’s just too sad 😦

  4. Hey Amy Tara! I’m sending you some big cyber hugs right now, girl. Sounds like you could use them! I totally understand your worry and really hope that things pick up for you guys. It is so very stressful. I feel that in my life, too. It’s been affecting my scrappy mood, also. But that’s ok, right?
    I think your RC pages are absolutely stunning. Sure doesn’t look like your creativity is on hold!
    Sending my best wishes to Billy. That is so very scary.

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