A little catch-up

Well, the fam has had it’s share of the sickies this week.   The boys are finally back at school as of today but Jay is still home recuperating.  Poor thing got it worse than the kids, I think.

Anyway,  I’ve got several things to share.  Just random things that have been lying around for ages and some random chaos to catch up with.  So here goes.

Random Chaos #45

Random Chaos #45


Random Chaos #46

Random Chaos #46

For number 45 we had to use yellow, polka dots and felt.  I left it very simple because I was so pressed with time.  For number 46 we had to use stars and stripes.  The photos are from Logan’s induction into National Honor Society.  I’m so proud of that little booger!

The Bliss of a Kiss *anniversary

The Bliss of a Kiss *anniversary

This layout uses the Basic Grey Bittersweet collection.  I love this collection because of the raspberry pink in it.  I’m not much of a pink fan but I do love that shade.  The photos are from our anniversary.  Love that man!

Whale tail - Sitka, Alaska 6/2008

Whale tail - Sitka, Alaska 6/2008

This is my very favorite photo from our trip to Alaska this past summer.  I don’t really know why I am putting it in this post… I loved the trip and this particular day in Sitka out on the Esther G with Captain Davey…  it was spectacular and I have been meaning to share it with you. 

Well, back to molly-coddling the DH… you know how men are when they get sick… 😉

Have a blessing filled day!

2 thoughts on “A little catch-up

  1. I’m sure you’ll do your best to nurse your man back to good health! They are like lil’ boys when they are sick, aren’t they?!

    I love your pages, esp. your anniversary page. Those photos of you two are just so sweet and fun!

    Have yourself a good weekend 🙂

  2. hi amytara!!!
    totally sweet layouts – you know i’m a huge fan of your work!
    WHOA! look at that whale! i SO want to go to Alaska! beautiful and amazing picture girl!

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