The TV clicker…

Well, I am not much of a television watcher… but I am very interested and excited about the inauguration activities… and then, there’s football(blech!)  So, Jay and I fight over the TV and the clicker… he’s resorted to keeping it in his pocket and only changing the channel for inaugural stuff when there is a commercial during the game.  Thank goodness I only have to put up with this nonsense for today.  Tomorrow, he goes back to work (thank god!) and I gain control of the clicker!  LOL!!!!!!!!!!!

Before Christmas the CMK DT girls did a Secret Santa swap.  I made part of my gift – a vintage muse box – filled with all kinds of vintage and vintage style goodies.   Here are a few pix: (having a little trouble uploading them so keep scrolling until you see all three)

Box top

Box top














side view

side view











inside with goodies!

inside with goodies!









Yup, this little baby was chock full of all kinds of fun things.  I’m pretty sure the recipient enjoyed it…. I hope so, anyway. 

Well, that’s it for today… have a great rest of the weekend!  And if you see my DH, make sure you get the clicker for me!  LOL!

11 thoughts on “The TV clicker…

  1. hee-hee….good luck with the clicker!
    and that box is amazing!!! an amytara original…now THAT is something special to get!
    have a good week friend!

  2. Men and their clickers — uumph. I heard a joke once about how you could get men to do sit ups …. put a remote control on front of them and have them reach for it! hee hee

    Your Muse box is beautiful, definitely a treasure box to be cherished.

  3. Wow! That box is just gorgeous, Amy Tara! How cool that you took the time to make this beautiful gift, and how lucky the recipient was. LOVE all the goodies inside, too.

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